• fused glass earrings by karen casey

Karen Casey’s creations include a multicolored selection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. In addition to unique jewelry designs, she also makes vases, candle holders, plates, bowls, clocks, mirrors, tables, hair adornments, and funky art pieces!

A combination of dichroic and other fusible glass give them their unique look and make each piece one of a kind. Learn more about us here.

“My husband and I have been working in glass with for over 30 years and I am a founding member of the Durham Craft Market. We joke that if you can name it (vase, pendant, mirror) then I made it and if you have to ask What is This?, he made it!”

Karen was recently interviewed on Spectrum News! See the video and read the article.

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New E-Gift Cards Available

Karen Casey fused glass artist booth display with art at outdoor marketThank you so much for your interest in buying a gift card with us! I am honored to provide you with functional and fun glass art and grateful that you want to support us! We look forward to seeing you back at The Durham Craft Market and in our store, The Artisan Market at 305, and as soon as possible at our shows and festivals!

Email Karen for options to redeem cards now. In the future, you may also redeem at shows or in the store, The Artisan Market at 305. eGift Card Policy: Value does not expire.

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Please continue to help support the local arts community now in any way you are able!

Karen is the owner of The Artisan Market at 305 located in downtown Durham. We have many NC artists and makers in our store, many of whom do this full-time. Here is a list of them, with links to their sites. Now, more than ever, these talented people would appreciate you purchasing your next gift from them.

Below are links specifically for Covid-19 Relief Funds for Artists and the Arts:

North Star Durham Artist Relief Fund:  https://www.northstardurham.com/artistrelief
Durham Arts Council Arts Recovery Fund: https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=pqYAAw
NC Artist Relief Fund : https://vaeraleigh.org/artist-relief-fund